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Niche Expertise

Exceeding Expectations

Infor  Geac M and E series software expertise for  Payroll ,HRMS, Accounting, Manufacturing and associated  tools and languages for big business legacy mainframe  environments. Modification, Upgrade, Customising  and on going maintenance and transitions to or from other platforms. Integration and day to day operations special projects.

Industry Client Sector

Satisfaction Guaranteed

En-Data Corporation provides services to a broad client base that includes: Rapid Transit, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals and Medical Industry, Government Sector for Local, State, Federal,  Defense Industry Contractors, Retail, Franchise, Soft Drink, Theme Park,  Communications Sector, Shipping Container, Manufacturing, Aerospace,  Investment and Banking to name a few.

Project Staffing

Committed to Quality

En-Data Corporation  provides project management and expert consulting services for the Infor formerly Geac M and E series software for more than 25 years and engages specific niche expertise for any project that interfaces with the software or modification of applications for  optimization and ongoing support as the clients needs change.